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We serve you the freshest, most meaty and one of the biggest captured-in-the-wild mangrove Indonesian crabs you could find in town (each crab is 650 gm and we sell on-per-kilogram basis). We can deliver these fingerliciously crabilicious crabs to your home, office and hotel located within selected zones of the Klang Valley where you can very comfortably enjoy your favourite crabs. Or you can dine-in at our restaurant at Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur. We have been serving our 10,000 repeat customers and growing from all over the world for the past 5 years. The dine-in or delivery choice is yours to make!

A Glimpse Of Selected Delicious Crabs On Our Menu

Delicious Sweet And Sour Crabs

Yummy Green Chiili Crabs


Ginger Steamed Crabs

Ever Popular Claypot Crab Rice

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Healthy Delicious Tasty Crabs

Crabs are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for heart health and help to lower triglycerides…


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Bring friends together, have fun digging into those finger-licking delicious meaty crabs. Order 15 crabs or more & get 12 pieces of chicken wings…


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There are over 4,400 varieties of crabs. Here is general identifying information for the most common edible varieties…


Blue Coaster33 says:Mansoor S says:
A must try in KL. The crabs and chili shrimps are out of this world. Don't waste you time on anything else. Just forget the ambience and enjoy the food! Slightly out of town though. Will visit again for sure.
Cube World Multiplayer says:shanil178 says:
I was actually looking for 'fatty crab ' on trip advisor when I found this place. Not easy to find the place. But parking is not that bad a problem.its a shop lot on a very narrow 2 way road. The food was good. We had chilli crabs and sweet and sour crabs. And the '3 maidens' combination of 3 vegetables. The crab dishes tasted very good. They provide light fluffy hot buns to mop up the gravy. The buns are provided freshly cooked and are free. Nice touch. Service is superb. Our waiter was Tai. Very helpful with what to order. And the manager a very pleasant Ms Su. Really good service. And contrary to a previous review I found out that they do have beer here . No pork though. So no pork but not halal because there's alcohol on sale. I will definitely go here again. Good food. Good staff and tho difficult to find parking not such an issue. My kind of place.
Yellow October says...R_Reginal says:
First of all, I would like to say that the owner of the restaurant is really smart with SEO. Those unfamiliar with the fatty crab legacy will definitely thought this is the real deal since it's the first result on Google. Parody aside, the restaurant does manage to provide great food. The crabs were fresh and so are the seafoods. We were served by the restaurant manager who was a pleasant person to talk with. Shout out to Su for the great service! They provide delivery services too so time comes your appetite calls for fresh tasty crabs, you can't go wrong with it.
Picture Fram says:FoodFreak48 says:
Me and My family visited this restaurant and suffice it to say, they have the Best Crabs and very good value for money. We tried Crabs, Shrimps and Stir fried Vegetable . All ingredients were fresh and food was very tasty. Also, they deliver to any location in Kuala lumpur. One must try this restaurant if in Kuala lumpur.
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